Mobile Learning

M-Learning empowers the learner by giving them access to information and learning beyond the classroom or fixed location. It blends mixed media – interactive exercises, animation, video, images, graphics, audio and with mobile smartphones, PDAs and handhelds to provide the learning experience at the immediate point of need. Innovations in iPhone, iPod iTouch, Android, Blackberry, iPad and similar devices are driving the expansion of M-Learning by over 36% per year.

M-Learning Advantages: learning is accessible from virtually anywhere. It can be collaborative, empowers learners to train when they have a desire or need to access information, works over wi-fi, internet and wireless networks. A Mobile Learning Environment or MLE have been created to deliver mobile device friendly learning.

We start with a custom designed CMS (Content Management System) base on Drupal, the open source software choice of large traffic websites like From there we deliver the content in formats specific to the receiving device, iPhone/Android, Tablets, Small Screen/Scroll like Blackberrys and Desktop.

piXvfm has implemented a MLE for several clients from Automotive to Medical proving the viability of M-Learning for a broad range of client solutions. Our expert technology team is available to create custom solutions to meet our clients' ever-developing needs.
GalleryContent Management Flow Chart Acura Mobile Site Sign On Screen HondaMLE works on a tablet too! HondaMLE works on small screen Blackberrys too! AcruaMLE includes Video Hologic Uses a Smartphone to train and support Detail Salespersons Printed Material can be accessed and forwarded to clients on the spot Access to 1000s of accessories without typing one word!