Mobile Wine Tasting Guide

We created a series of mobile sites for the wine industry, targeted to tourists out wine tasting, that can be accessed with any type of smartphone device. This unique series of sites shares the same backend code and each site has its own database that serves out content. For this approach we created a Content Management System (CMS) that can be easily updated. Individual sites can be quickly populated and updated from a spreadsheet.

This solution uses our custom software solution that detects the smartphone device and delivers content best suited for that device. We produce three versions of content from one database file, desktop, touch(iphone/Android) and tablet. Take a look at One administration site manages 11 different domains and each domain has 4 subdomains.
GalleryManage a group of mobile web apps from one site Content for each format exists in one Common file The Tablet view gives more area but is loaded from the same source The site can be easily shared by scanning a QR code Each site allows the user to use various filters to look up a winery Filter and Search by Varietals Search by any number of data points Any helpful graphic is easily displayed