Sales Brochures

piXvfm designed and printed poster-sized sales brochures for Mitsubishi's new full line of vehicles: Lancer, Lancer Evolution, Lancer Sportback, Outlander, Galant, Endeavor, Eclipse and Eclipse Spyder. Brochures featured full color photos of vehicles and highlighted key selling points, competitive comparisons, and features & benefits for each family of vehicles. Posters transformed into brochures with unique design and fold that allowed for dual functionality while preserving eye-catching design-elements. Tip Sheets were also produced as quick reference guides to new vehicles.piXvfm recently designed and printed a post card and a brochure introducing the Mitsubishi i powered by MiEV, Mitsubishi's new electric vehicle, for fleet sales.

GalleryCover of Mitsubishi i Brochure i Brochure i Brochure Mitsubishi i Card front side 10 Outlander Brochure 10 Outlander Brochure 10 Outlander Brochure/Poster 10 Outlander Brochure/Poster 10 Lancer Brochure Cover 10 Lancer Evolution Brochure Cover